Create & Control

The fictitious party

One of the first tasks the teams will have to face will be the creation of a political party they will represent.

Each of these parties will have its own specific physical and human geography which will be administered to each team before the start of the competition via the In-Game platform, testing the team's ability to adapt and use its resources to the fullest while thinking of their political and economical systems. This part is completely up to each team, removing any boundaries set against their imagination and knowledge.

Over the years of this competition, we've encountered many unique, sometimes even jaw-dropping countries, such as monarchies monopolising natural resources, whole polytheistic civilizations revolving around a specific number and countries resolving all problems with a coin toss.

However, the political, cultural and economical specification of each country will carry a major impact on its development and on the national and international problems, it will have to face.

Teams 1

The team composition


The leader of the team who determines the roles and is responsible for the overall progress throughout the year. The coordinator will be in charge of communication with the competition's staff as well as the establishment of their team and of the administering of the roles to each team member.

All coordinators will get the basic information at the coordinator's meeting, which will take place at the beginning of the competition. During three days of the coordinators' meeting, the students will acquiregeneral leading skills and know-how and the introductory information about the European youth goals.

Teams 2


Member of the team. These members make up the rest of the team. They will be assigned a certain job by their respected coordinators which will become their primary focus for the rest of the competition.

However, they might also be required to solve many different crises and situations which will have notbeen mentioned in their job description. A few of these members will also take part in the international summits taking place throughout the year. These will serve as a model of an international conference with the aim of solving international issues.