Create & Control
How it works?

Year-long competition

Participants are expected to work as a team to communicate between themselves and the coordinator in order to achieve their goals. During this year’s competition, there will be a total number of 20 teams participating. Each of the teams will be put in charge of their own political party, allowing them to be the decision-makers in the most important topics.


The parties will be divided in the groups of 4 , each of the groups representing one state. Therefore, all of the participants will form international community of 5 states, each ruled by 4 parties . These two levels of the project will allow participants to experience the nature of both domestic and international politics.


During the competition, participants will be facing various tasks and assignments simulating global events and crises , the governance challenges as well as the national and international problems.

National problems challenge the ability of teams to coordinate domestic politics with other 3 teams across the political spectrum. Solutions are subsequently evaluated by the panel of public sector experts. International problems endorse critical thinking and embrace their negotiating skills while representing their policy.


Apart from the basic range of activities you can grow through during Create & Control, we also connect each team with a mentor. Because even our knowledge is limited, we chose to include the experts in economics, political science , lawmaking, and statecraft to aid us, but mainly you gather as much knowledge during the course of the competition as possible.


Once assigned to your team, a mentor will guide you trough the course of competition in terms of expertise and academic advice, but can also offer and inner look to his experience and valuable skills and share that with you. Mentorship can lead to great opportunities and our former participants are very fond of its contributions.