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International summits are events where the delegation of your country can show what you as a team have achieved but also it is a perfect place to show your debating skills or to find new allies. While the delegation is allowed to do all previously mentioned activities, the goal of the delegation is to solve the international problems in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.

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Events 2

Like the previous years, we will organize four international events throughout the year. They will attempt to tackle a variety of national and international problems which the EU currently has to face. From gender equality, youth empowerment, overall improvement of rural areas, LGBTQ minorities, our competition has reflected on several issues and helps to monitor the way of thinking of today's youth. Each of these events will last for 3 days, consisting of multiple educational and entertaining activities, productive debates and more.

Proposed solutions will be subsequently reviewed by qualified experts, such as MEPs, national MPs and various experts. There will be 4 summits throughout the year, each taking place in a different V4 country.

Events 3
Events 4

The Final Evaluation is the very end of the project. During this event, we will announce the outcomes of the project, such as the winning teams. All the participants, guests and other irreplaceable personas are invited for the final ceremony event concluded by the grand feast.