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The 5th annual

About Create & Control

The 5th year of the competition, unlike the previous ones, is supported by the Erasmus+ project, thanks to which we are able to make the competition bigger, more realistic, more fun, more adventurous and overall better.


Therefore, we plan on making a few changes that would bring the competition closer to you. Meaning to make the competition more realistic, more interactive, more real and overall more fun. We want to make you feel like you truly run the party and the country, with all the pros and cons in order to make the perfect memorable experience


Perhaps the biggest change in contrast to previous years is the international scope of this year’s competition. Enhancing the diversity to an international level will bring another useful skill to master - communication and mastery of a foreign language. This particular skill will be added to the already existing list of things this project can give its participants alongside critical thinking, political orientation, teamwork and others.


We will encounter the European Youth Goals, that will be explained at Coordinators' meeting and will be an important part of the competition. European Youth Goals are an output of Structured Dialogue with Youth in 2017-2018 and they are a strategy of youth policies for years 2019-2027.

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The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.John Maxwell

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Institute for Sustainable Democracy is based in heart of Europe but our members come from all corner of the world. We are a diverse group of people interested in politics, history, science, computing and travelling.

Our team

We are a group of young people who want to educate and empower other young people about politics. We feel that the future of our country depends on educating and empowering young people.

avatar Michaela Knošková

Michaela Knošková

Executive Director, Research Leader. Student of Politics at King's College London

avatar Lucia Lamošová

Adriána Repáňová

Methodology Lead

avatar Lucia Lamošová

Filip Belak

Leader of Create & Control. Student at Univerzita Karlova

avatar Lucia Lamošová

Matúš Gallo

Product owner and development Lead. IT Business Analyst at Česká spořitelna

avatar Roman Stejskal

Roman Stejskal

Fullstack developer in development team. Developer at Česká spořitelna

avatar Lucia Lamošová

Lucia Lamošová

Human resources Leader. Administrative Assistant at LOGISPED s.r.o.

avatar Lucia Lamošová

Barbora Hýblová

Human resources

avatar Daniel Slovák

Daniel Slovák

InGame. Studies at Univerzita Komenského, faculty of Education

avatar Matej Nižňan

Matej Nižňan

InGame. Studies at LEAF Academy

avatar Tobiáš Ondruš

Tobiáš Ondruš

Marketing. Human Resources Researcher at ManpowerGroup

avatar Tomáš Borák

Tomáš Borák

InGame team