Create & Control
Create & Control

Look into the world of high politics

Year-long competition designed for high school students

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A few numbers we're proud of throughout the years of our growth


high school students competed


years of existence




A set of problems of this kind is created for each of the 20 participating teams which are then required to solve them. The creation of the competition was a response to the results of the simulated student elections in 2016, where the populist and extremist parties won almost half the seats in the Slovak parliament.

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Imagine a world where politics is a cooperative endeavor, where everyone works together to find solutions that benefit everyone

High school student

You are a high school student in a country of V4.

Find your team

You can assemble a team of 4 to 10 other people from your school.


You are confident in your English and can communicate with people from other countries. Maybe even in their langauge?